Anonymous asked:

You're super cool! What have you done, art wise, to get to where you are now?

Aw! Thank you kind anon c: That’s kind of a big question but I’ll answer as best I can! I’ve been drawing seriously ever since I left high school. Which was about seven years ago jeez… I took a portfolio course at my local college. I was a bit young and dumb then so all I really learned was the importance of life drawing. Then I went to Glasgow to do a two year course in computer art and design. The course itself wasn’t great but it pushed me out of my comfort zones. We got a pretty cool life drawing teacher who gave us good constructive criticism so I really improved that year. I also started doing observational drawing in Glasgow. Observational studies are great by the way! You’re forced to draw really quickly and it loosens up the way you draw. Its a bit hard to explain but it gets you drawing people in much more natural looking poses. It feels a bit awkward drawing in public but its worth it. Even if you’re drawing animals or creatures life drawing and observational studies are essential! Studying animation has been really useful as well. I’m studying in art school but there are loads of useful resources online and books on animation! It’s got me thinking about how characters move and act and I think its got my work a lot more interesting looking. Its also improved my character design quite a bit. Gathering reference from real life or photos is really important as well. Looking at anatomy diagrams for humans and animals was a massive help for me too. Looking at other artists works is always useful. I try to look at a huge variety of styles and figure out what makes them so appealing. I’m kind of an art book hoarder haha. Oh and working with different kinds of media is good too. Even if the end result isn’t great It’s refreshing and helps if I’m in a rut. I’m kinda skimming the surface so feel free to ask anything more specific c: