Moved into my new flat a couple of days ago! There were a couple of problems but its all fixed out now. We don’t have internet at the flat and it might take a couple of weeks to set it up. So I’m going to be quieter for a little while. I’ll still be checking in on things and uploading stuff from Uni and anywhere I can grab some free internet      

Quick modifications of marcus before I move onto later stages of the film production. His lower legs are thicker and his feet are smaller but wider and more webbed to give him a more newt like, aquatic appearance. It’ll hopefully make him a bit easier to animate as well. He also has a bit of webbing along his arms. Other than that he’s pretty much the same.

Oh and the little animalistic versions of him were just a fun experiment I did before making him more newt like    

More of those ptero-dragon critters 

They use their wings for locomotion and flying and their little arms for grabbing things. They also have big thumb claws on their wings for sparring and defense. They have different beak and crest shapes. I kinda like the idea of them being an intelligent species.

They aren’t based on any particular pterosaur but they do take on more inspiration from the larger ones